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How the EP was created
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Supporting with Music

This year Tellurium Q is supporting the charity Just a Drop an organisation that works at a grassroots level to help communities around the world with access to sustainable safe water solutions, sanitation facilities and knowledge of safe hygiene practices.

We came up with the idea of using one of Tellurium Q’s director’s skills to create something that would help generate money for a defined project.

Amanda, our quality assurance director, was signed to EMI in the Netherlands as a singer songwriter, but eventually left to bring up her children. She has written and recorded an EP of 5 original songs and one cover. It is available to purchase as a download and all monies charged for the EP will be donated to Just a Drop. If this money raising approach is very successful we would be able to support a further water project. However, one step at a time as each project will be funded to the level of £10,000.

Why we chose Just a Drop

Geoff Merrigan (another director of Tellurium Q), who’s uncle (captain Jim Masters of the royal engineers) was something of an explorer and worked with Colonel John Blashford-Snell on many expeditions, which is how the link to Just a Drop occurred. Blashford-Snell was a trustee of the “Just a Drop” charity. Jim helped raise money for that charity and roped in Geoff’s mother, Joyce Merrigan from time to time to help a little also.

Geoff has organised for other small fund-raising activities for the charity through other companies before so when the idea of doing this was floated by Amanda this charity seemed like the logical choice to support.